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  • Installation Video - FX-70® structural repair and protection system

    Repair and protection of piles (underwater and dry applications).

    The FX-70® structural repair and protection system makes in-place repair of damaged (marine) piles possible without the need to dewater or taking the structure out of service

  • ResAC-16 - High performance methacrylare resin

    ResAC-16 is a styrene free methacrylate resin suitable for high performance fixing applications in masonry and non-cracked concrete. Safe for use in indoor areas: VOC A+.

    The colour of the mortar changes from blue to grey during the curing process. This colour change indicates that the anchor is immediately ready for loading.

  • FX-70 Guide to Installation

    Don't replace, repair in place. FX-70® structural pile repair and protection system features custom-made fibre-glass jackets combined with specially formulated chemical mortars to restore timber, steel or concrete piles that have been worn away by the elements. The entire process can be installed in-situ, without the costly and time-consuming need to de-water the area.



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